Pre-AP Geometry with Statistics

Pre-AP Geometry with Statistics has a central focus on measurement that provides students with a holistic and comprehensive view of geometry as the study of shape and space. This course leverages transformations to deepen students’ knowledge of similarity and congruence. Since transformations are functions, they afford students a rich opportunity to connect algebra and geometry meaningfully, leading to a more sophisticated understanding of functions specifically and mathematics more broadly. To address concerns of disjointed conceptual development and lack of sophisticated knowledge of statistics and probability, this course includes a unit that provides time for a sustained and focused examination of topics that are essential for quantitative literacy.


Each Pre-AP course focuses on a small set of discipline-specific instructional priorities that support both teacher practice and student learning within the discipline. These areas of focus reflect research-supported reasoning practices that should receive greater emphasis in instructional materials and assessments than they often do. Pre-AP recognizes that many teachers and schools already embrace these disciplinary practices, and now we’re offering resources that specifically emphasize these areas of focus.

Pre-AP Geometry with Statistics Areas of Focus

Connecting among multiple representations

Students represent mathematical concepts in a variety of forms and move fluently among the forms.

Authenticity of applications and modeling

Students create and use mathematical models to understand and explain authentic scenarios.

Engagement in mathematical argumentation

Students use evidence to craft mathematical conjectures and prove or disprove them with logical reasoning.

Underlying Unit Foundations

These big ideas are addressed across units:


Comparing Parts and Wholes