This course shows how to rapidly develop and maintain effective Python programs. The course includes thorough coverage of Python syntax, built in data types and control constructs. The course takes a practical approach to creating and organizing Python programs using functions, packages, modules and classes as part of Python’s object-oriented paradigm. Attendees will use regular expressions to rapidly process data captured from users and from the file system. Attendees will learn how to use Python to create scripts that manipulate data, automate tasks, perform error handling and store and retrieve data by using relational databases. Students will be able to create Python scripts that assist with system administration


Working with Python's built-in objects

Reading and writing files

Creating variables and objects in Python

Communicating with databases

Performing conversion operations on numbers

Creating structured data with lists, tuples, sets and dictionaries

Writing clear and concise regular expressions

Using conditional constructs to control flow of execution


Basic knowledge of concepts like Variables, Loops, Control Statements etc.